Thursday, 10 December 2015

150 Regt RLC Band

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hull Armed Forces Money Advice Project

Employment Opportunities for Service Spouses

As part of the New Employment Model (NEM) the MOD has teamed 

up with a number of separate organisations to address barriers to 
employment for spouses of those serving in the Armed Forces.

The Partner Employment Programme (PEP) provides a range of

 opportunities to spouses and civil partners including job 
readiness and self-employment support, career consultation 
and training grants. PEP comprises three elements: the 
Spouse Employment Support (SES) trial, Royal British 
Legion Industries (RBLI) LifeWorks Families and the 
Business Start-Up Programme.

The SES trial is being held between October 2015 and 

October 2017. It aims to provide tailored employment 
and employability support. Trials are being run in
 Cyprus and across selected UK locations and the trial 
is open to eligible spouses of Regular service personnel
 and FTRS Full Commitment, but places are limited. 
JSP 534, Section 10 specifies the policy guidance for 
the SES trial including details on eligibility, support 
provided, funding, taxation, governance and 
administration and an extract of the policy is 
available at this link.