Thursday, 29 January 2015

Insurance - Forces Advice

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Forces Advice are members of 

SIIAP members provide specialist

insurance and financial advice to 
members of HM Forces
By purchasing an insurance or 

financial product from a SIIAP 
member, customers have the peace
of mind that they are dealing with
a competent organisation who has
made all the necessary arrangements
to look after their interests - whether
they are based in the UK or anywhere
else in the world.
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Friday, 16 January 2015

Career Transition Partnership
Resettlement Support for up to Two Years Post-Service 
Resettlement support does not end when you leave the Armed Forces.You can seek help if eligible from your Regional Resettlement Centre for up to two years after your discharge date.

Career advice and guidance - If you attended a Career Transition Workshop or worked with a CTP Career Consultant on a one-to-one basis prior to leaving, you’re eligible for advice and information from your Career Consultant for up to two years post-discharge.

You can contact them by phone, email, or in person, whether it’s to discuss a job application, get feedback on your CV, or simply review your career direction.

You may also be able to attend CTP Employment Fairs or seminars, interview techniques workshops or other events, depending on availability of places.

If you didn’t access resettlement services prior to leaving, you may still be eligible for job finding assistance. To check your eligibility and find out more, contact your nearest Regional Resettlement Centre. 
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The Trades Brigade

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