Thursday, 18 January 2018

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Little Troopers - Tri Service Separation Packs

Brand new Tri-service Separation Packs

Tri-service Separation Packs are now available!
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Little Trooper passport
Separation Booklet

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Civvy Street Resettlement Magazine

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

British Forces Post Office - Valentine's 2018 - Latest Recommended Posting Dates

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Free Support For Service Personnel,Veterans & Their Families - Big White Wall

January can be a bit of a struggle.
 If you’re feeling down or low you can access help at the digital mental health support service Big White Wall
 It’s available 24/7 and free to serving personnel, veterans and their families.

Service Personnel Housing Brief - RNAS Yeovilton 21 March

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Update on Carillion: Defence Services To Continue Uninterrupted

Statement about CarillionAmey

Amey has incorporated joint ventures with Carillion to deliver the Regional Prime and National Housing contracts for the Ministry of Defence (MOD), through the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). These contracts maintain the MOD estate in the UK.
The terms of the joint ventures’ arrangements mean that Amey will continue the services now that Carillion has announced it is entering into immediate compulsory liquidation. Amey is committed to doing this and ensuring continuity of service to the DIO and MOD and the service men and women in the UK.
For the past few weeks, Amey has been working on detailed contingency plans with the DIO and the Cabinet Office to ensure it can effectively continue to manage the contracts and these are being implemented today.
Amey confirms it is fully prepared to continue the service obligation of the contracts without adverse effect on the employees of the joint ventures or the supply chain. 

Monday, 15 January 2018

AWS Organised Activities 2018

Important Updates From CarillionAmey

12 January 2018 - Update from CarillionAmey Direct from their website
There is a considerable amount of press coverage regarding Carillion’s current financial position, however the impact on CarillionAmey’s operations remains limited and we will continue to deliver services as normal.

CarillionAmey Limited and CarillionAmey (Housing Prime) Limited are two separate legal entities and operate almost entirely independently from our parent companies.

Both CarillionAmey entities get paid directly by our customers and have our own banking facilities, therefore we have no concerns about our ability to continue to operate our businesses and our staff and suppliers will continue to be paid as normal.

Furthermore, the infrastructure is in place to ensure we can continue to deliver for our customers, which our staff and suppliers will continue to do

Update on Carillion: Defence services to continue uninterrupted 

Today’s announcement (15 January) about the financial situation of Carillion has no direct impact on services provided directly to those working for Defence, their families and the continuing work of the department. Housing will continue to be serviced, catering facilities run, and buildings and offices cleaned, as well as other services the company is involved in providing.

There are extensive contingency plans for dealing with issues such as this to make sure that services to personnel and their families continue to be provided to a high standard. This remains a top priority for the department.

The facilities management contracts that provide catering, cleaning and maintenance services to Defence are all joint ventures involving partners in addition to Carillion. Contractually, these partners are required to continue to deliver services if one of the other partners fails. The department remains committed to these joint ventures, and has been working with relevant partners to ensure a smooth continuation of the provision of these services.

The MOD is confident in the robustness of these arrangements and the strength of the supporting suppliers.

Where Carillion is the sole provider of services, for example for construction projects, alternative arrangements are being put into place that will not affect Service personnel.

All Service personnel should continue to use pre-existing processes to report problems, including the use of the 24/7 helpdesk telephone numbers.

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